New guitarplayer for Wolverine?

Wolverine Mikael has decided to take a break from the band to figure out where his heart’s at. He has been a vital part of the band for many years but did in truth not contribute much to the writing of Communication lost, compared to his efforts on our previous albums. While he still loves the band and the music we’ve created, he feels he has other priorities in life right now. We certainly respect that and we have all agreed that he will take a break at least until we’ve played at the Progmotion festival in September. After that we will all sit down and see if Mikael’s future is with the band or not.

In the meanwhile a very good friend of ours will help us out with any gigs we perform during this period, including the Progmotion festival. His name is Jonas Jonsson and he’s been a dear friend for many years. He’s a very talented guitar player and a great guy to hang with so we’re very much looking forward to playing with him. He actually played a solo on our second demo, North, so he’s had a hand in the band in the past as well.

Welcome on board, Jonas!

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