Cosmos – Mindgames

Cosmos After six years of break, Cosmos come back with ten new compositions full of energy and emotions. Cosmos keep their roots and still play a melodic version of ambitious rock. The Pink Floyd influence keeps present, but today the band advanced and got an own identity.

With the third studio album “MindGames” Cosmos create a very personal album. Especially the song Contact describes impressively the tragic incidence of the near-death experience of the drummer Reto. Lost Years talks about the sad story of Dwayne Dail, who was jailed inculpable for years. Close To The Edge is a composition on behalf of the American label Cypher Arts. This song was planed to be in a CD box–set with pirates as theme. Unfortunately the label never has realized this idea. Another impulsive song is Sequences, which will cause a lot of excitement mainly at the live concerts. This is a song that was played live since long time and now it is on a CD for the first time – a masterpiece.

On “Mind Games” we hear a new, fantastic singer called Mirjam Heggendorn. She replaces Silvia Thierstein, who turned to the challenge of being mother.

Mind Games was produced and mixedin Cosmos own studio. Dan Suter did the mastering. The album will beself-distributed and the official release will be on the 30st April 2012. The huge revival concert withrelease party of the new album will be on the 28th April 2012 at Konzepthalle 6 in Thun.


Contact (7.39)
Skygarden (4.12)
Lost Years (6.48)
Freak Show (5.45)
No Point In Living (5.44)
Hollow Man (4.19)
Paranoia (7.13)
There Are Millions Of Reasons To Carry On (4.46)
Close To The Edge (6.25)
Sequences (7.25)

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