New VdGG album in June

Esoteric Antenna announce a new album from Van Der Graaf Generator will be released in June this year. ALT follows up last year’s well received A Grounding In Numbers.

Esoteric Antenna logo“ALT” is no ordinary Van Der Graaf Generator album (if the term “ordinary” could ever be applied to this visionary group). PETER HAMMILL explains; “Instrumental Improvs & Experiments – Most of the music on “ALT” was made while we weren’t really looking, or perhaps only while the left side of our collective brain was engaged. The album is a mixture of improvisations recorded at sound checks and in the studio and more considered sonic creations which often verge on Musique Concrete. The thirteen pieces here offer a fascinating glimpse into an alternative Van der Graaf Generator sound world. Perhaps the closest comparison would be with the second CD of “Present”, but even the link with those recordings is tenuous. Even by Van der Graaf Generator standards, this stuff’s at the whacky end of the scale!”

This instrumental album is another side of Van Der Graaf Generator, a truly unique listening experience.

The title will come both in CD and limited edition vinyl.

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One Response to New VdGG album in June

  1. willy vlyminck says:

    Commercial suicide after the hit-album AGIN?? What is there VDGG about an album without PH singing? I still can´t forget David jackson altrough the splendid AGIN album but without two of the essential elements, there is no VDGG anymore, sorry. If I want to listen to instrumental music I rather prefere Univers Zero and or Present ( the band, not the VDGG cd)

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