Meeting the legends with Mangrove spring tour 2012

Mangrove Mangrove opening the show for the legendary Carl Palmer and his band! We have been selected to support one of the most respected and influencing drummers in the world (Emerson Lake and Palmer, Asia) at an exclusive show in The Netherlands! Don’t miss this unique chance to meet this living legend who was once among the biggest stars on this planet during the most impressive glorious progressive rock era of all times!

Mangrove opening the show for the legendary Focus! After their March tour in Brazil and before they will be heading for the UK in May Focus will do a tour in their home country of The Netherlands. And Mangrove is happy to show up between them and the audience.

live at Hedon, Zwolle on Saturday 21st April 2012

live at Gigant, Apeldoorn on Sunday 15th April 2012

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