Attention all drummers!!

Saga Saga would like to thank everyone who submitted videos for the drummer search. You only have 1 week left!! The search ends on April 9th 2012. The band will make an official drummer announcement in the near future! Keep your fingers crossed! The next Saga drummer might be YOU!!
Want to be in the running for the position of the next SAGA Drummer?

All you have to do is video tape yourself playing along with any 2 of the following songs:
“Careful Where You Step” (from Silent Knight)
“Framed” (from Worlds Apart)
“The Writing” (from Heads or Tales)
“Corkentellis” (from 10,000 Days)

Then post your video on YouTube as “Saga Drummer Search – (song name) – (your name)”, This format is VERY important!!” And send the video link to

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