The Grandmothers of Invention tour dates

Grandmothers of InventionFormer Mothers of Invention members Napoleon Murphy Brock, Don Preston and Tom Fowler re-unite once more under the banner The Grandmothers of Invention. The band continue their ‘Roxy And Elsewhere And More’ touring schedule this month and running through May.

“This is going to be the most exciting tour of my entire career!” – Don Preston

The East Coast US dates follow on from the band’s successful European dates… Further West Coast dates are to be announced shortly.

For a full list of the East Coast dates please visit the The Grandmothers of Invention website HERE.

“Once again, after all of these years, be able to witness this music preformed as it was intended. TOTAL MUSIC THEATER.” – Napoleon Murphy Brock

Source Glass Onyon

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  1. Gustavo says:

    Que alegría inmensa me da saber que sigue la música de mi querido Frank Zappa. Ojalá vengan a la Argentina. Gustoso colaboraría para que desembarquen con su música en éstas lejanas tierras mis héroes musicales.
    les dejo un gran abrazo a las Abuelitas !
    That gives me great joy to know that music is my dear Frank Zappa. Hopefully come to Argentina. Willingly collaborate to disembark with his music in these distant lands my musical heroes.
    I give you a big hug to the Grannies!

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