Slaves To Fashion new album

Slaves To FashionSlaves To Fashion - Artistic Differences is releasing a new album on February 4th 2011. The album is titled “Artistic Differences” reflecting the band members’ different musical backgrounds, raging from pop, progressive rock, black metal and modern rock. Thus the four-piece from Norway mixes metal, pop and progressive rock in a shameless way, while always focusing on their shared passion for the essential ingredient in all music: great melodies and a great sound.

”To quote one of my heroes: “This album is not fast food for the ears”. But it is still quite in your face”, says guitarist Torfinn Sirnes. Singer Johannes Støle adds: ”Every band wants to find that unique sound that really defines the band – and this time I really think we have come close. But you’ll still hear a lot of our different influences in there, like Queensrÿche, Peter Gabriel, A Perfect Circle and Deep Purple.”

”Artistic Differences” is being released by new German underground label Hands Of Blue Records.

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