Spock’s Beard – High Voltage Line-up?

As previously announced Spock’s Beard are to play at the High Voltage Festival in July – however it seems to be in question whether Nick D’Virgilio will be joining the band ….

As you probably know, Spock’s Beard is scheduled to play the High Voltage Festival in London on July 24 as support for Jethro Tull.  We are also working on a few more UK dates to go along with that to be played in the days after the High Voltage Festival.

The dilemma we are faced with is this:  Nick may or may not be able to do these dates due to his commitment with Cirque du Soleil.  He won’t know for sure whether or not he’ll be able to do this for some time, but we thought rather than wait we should disclose the fact now that we may need to have someone else front the band for these shows.

Normally in this situation we wouldn’t even take a gig with this possibility hanging over it, but in this case we’d be absolute morons not to take this opportunity to present ourselves to lots of new prog fans that have never heard us before.  This type of show is something that we’ve been striving towards literally for years and is a rare opportunity for us to increase our fan base.

While this may be a massive disappointment to some of you, the reality is that for the people who we really need to present ourselves to (the people who don’t know much about us), and in fact the reason why we took this gig in the first place, we will be Spock’s Beard and we will hopefully make a good enough impression on them that they will add themselves to the ranks of our beloved supporters.  (By the way, the promoters were informed of this possibility before we even accepted the gig and they are OK with it.) 

Our goal is not to trick anyone or do anything underhanded, nor are we in any way considering a personnel change.  We are simply trying to increase our fan base with this opportunity, and we sincerely hope that you understand. 

Hope to see some of you there!
Spock’s Beard

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2 Responses to Spock’s Beard – High Voltage Line-up?

  1. Oakley says:

    They should ask Neal.

  2. Magnus says:

    You could ask Neal… 🙂

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