New studio album Anathema

Anathema return in April with Weather Systems, their brand new studio album.

AnathemaWeather Systems is the follow-up 2010’s We’re Here Because We’re Here. That album featured prominently in numerous end-of-year polls and the producer, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), has described it as ‘definitely among the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on.’

This album will please fans who call for more of Lee Douglas’s vocals, as her role within Anathema’s brand of alternative, melodic rock has matured to become an integral energy. In this way and more, Weather Systems is the sound of a band finding their voice and growing in stature, moving further along their artistic path with a truly stunning musical vision.

Their best ever work? ‘Not yet’ says Daniel, but he does believe that with Weather Systems they have surpassed previous glories; ‘we are pleased and proud of the record and we feel that, alongside the best moments of WHBWH, this record contains our very best work so far in what is becoming a long career.’

Weather Systems will be available on Kscope from April 16th 2012.

Tourdates announced:

21 April – Krakow – Poland
22 April – Poznan – Poland
23 April – Hamburg – Germany
24 April – Cologne – Germany
25 April – Frankfurt – Germany
27 April – Antwerp – Belgium
28 April – Amsterdam – Netherlands
29 April – Ludwigsburg – Germany
30 April – Milan – Italy

01 May – Pratteln – Switzerland
02 May – Paris – France
03 May – London – UK

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One Response to New studio album Anathema

  1. Abhishek says:

    mann..i love this band….true genius…nd example of life..from dark to light.
    their previous darker albums were great ..and see now they seem enlightened woth thrie latest album WHBWH .. nd with daniel saying their best work ..isn’t done yet… wow

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