RPWL new concept album

RPWL recently revealed the artwork for their latest “concept” album Beyond Man And Time. The album is slated for release in March followed by some European dates in April…

RPWL ~ Beyond Man And Time“12 years after the formation of one of Germany’s most successful art rock bands the Freising quintet RPWL takes its first shot at a concept album. “Beyond Man and Time” is a musical journey through the world outside of Platon’s cave. On March 13, 2012 the record will be released in a standard version as well as an exclusive bonus edition that includes an audio book. The record will also be presented live across Europe in April 2012.

“6,000 feet beyond man and time” – that is how Nietzsche once signed off the first lines of his opus magnum “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Quite similar to Nietzsche, RPWL’s story’s protagonist is on a journey and meets various characters, partly adapted from Zarathustra, as means towards new insight. The basic idea in this is a so-called “revaluation of values” in terms of a new way of thinking. In this world “beyond man and time” there already are creatures of higher knowledge that the protagonist meets allegorically along his way: the keeper of the cave, the willingly blind, the scientist, the ugliest human, the creator, the shadow, the wise man in the desert and the fisherman. RPWL’s concept album “Beyond Man and Time” closes with a first resume, the big noon.

In addition to the regular version of the album there will also be a bonus edition limited of 2,000 copies. This exclusive edition includes an additional audio book that connects the music even more closely to the philosophical approach, plus a topographic map of the new world that is to be explored. Also, RPWL listeners are to be given a special live experience: audiences will be introduced to the record on an extensive European tour in April 2012.

The material is the perfect start for the five musicians as they were translating it into music. They create musical themes for every single character on “Beyond Man And Time”: oriental percussion, expanded Moog-soli and an Indian sitar take care of a well placed, atmospheric and colorful adaptation. That is why the musical journey naturally culminates in a 16-minute-opus called “The fisherman”, and ends on a calm and meditative note with “Noon”…

“The goal is to open eyes, look further, see more, and see differently. Words that everybody approves of are not going to lead to progress. We call that: “deadlock of the spirit”. Too many approaches of our time disappear in the void of the equal – the conformist.”
Yogi Lang

Tour Dates:

14.04.2012 NL – Zoetermeer (Culturpodium Boerderij)
15.04.2012 B – Verviers (Spirit Of 66)
18.04.2012 CH – Pratteln (Galery)
19.04.2012 D – Rüsselsheim (Das Rind)
20.04.2012 D – Hannover (Blues Garage)
21.04.2012 D – Oberhausen (Zentrum Altenberg)
22.04.2012 NL – Uden (De Pul)
24.04.2012 D – Hamburg (Logo)
25.04.2012 D – Reichenbach (Bergkeller)
26.04.2012 D – Berlin (Maschinenhaus)
02.05.2012 A – Wien (Reigen) // mit Subsignal
03.05.2012 D – Freising (Lindenkeller)
31.05.2012 E – València (Loco Club)
01.06.2012 E – Madrid (Caracol)
02.06.2012 E – Peralta (Minnuendö Festival)

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