Michael Sadler Rejoins Saga!

Michael SadlerOfficial Announcement!

To put all the rumours to rest
We are happy to officially announce that
Michael Sadler is once again the Singer and Frontman in Saga!!
The new studio CD and tour news with Michael will be up very soon!

We wish Rob all the best in the future with his new Solo CD!

From www.sagaontour.ca


You may have noticed in the Dutch Gig Guide posted on DPRP on 27th January that 2 dates have been announced as “Saga (featuring Michael Sadler)” on 22nd & 23rd June 2011 in Zwolle and Uden respectively, this announcement now confirms the rumours.

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  1. Cary Coatney says:

    Thank freakin’ goodness. I tossed out that last disc that Inside Out released. It made no “Heads or Tails” to me.



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