Whimwise line up & gig news

Judge Trev Memorial Gig posterUnfortunately keyboard player Matt Smith is unable to continue playing with  Whimwise for the forseeable future, due to family, work and other commitments. Matt has been a really fantastic player – one of the best Whimwise ever had,  so we’re very sad to have to say goodbye to him. But at the same time we would also like to welcome our two new guests making their debut with Whimwise at this show – “Tim Scarlett” and “Rania Blue Panda Bailey” from The Mulatones – on Cello and Woodwinds respectively . 

Just a quick reminder about our next Whimwise live appearance coming up this weekend… at The Hydrant in Brighton, Saturday, December 3rd, (4 pm – 3 am). This is going to be a real marathon show, featuring amongst others, ex Hawkwinds Nik Turner and a “cast of thousands” as in addition to Whimwise and the aforementioned Nik T, appearing on the bill will be (in no particular order)…

Bubble Dubble, Inner City Unit, Sumerian Kyngs, Slim Tim Slide, Paradise 9, Mick Farren & Andy Colquhoun (from Pink Fairies), Krankshaft, Dirty Scavenger, Jaki Windmill, Monty Oxymoron (of The Damned). Plus DJ Kozmik Ken will be spinning the discs in-between the bands. Put on by our good friends at the R.M.C.  pretty much a whole festivals worth of acts have all been squeezed into one big marathon epic show, giving great value for money with tickets at only £12-50 per head.

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