Sylvan new album update

Sylvan have now completed their latest album Sceneries which will be officially released 27th January 2012, although the band are having pre-release concert at The Kunst  (Hamburg) on 9th December 2011. Those able to attend will be able to obtain a copy of Sceneries on the evening…

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As you probably know, SCENERIES is divided into five long chapters. Here are the final names and durations of these tracks:

Chapter 1: ‘The Fountain of Glow’ (14:50)
Chapter 2: ‘Share the World with Me’ (15:05)
Chapter 3: ‘The Words You Hide’ (20:10)
Chapter 4: ‘The Waters I Traveled’ (20:00)
Chapter 5: ‘Farewell to Old Friends’ (20:33)

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