Machine Mass Trio new album

MoonJune Records announce the release of Machine Mass Trio’s latest CD – As Real As Thinking.

Machine Mass Trio ~ As Real As ThinkingOriginally born as a side-project of douBt, this new trio led by Tony Bianco (on drums and loops) and Michel Delville (on guitar, bouzouki and live effects) comprises emerging Belgian talent Jordi Grognard on saxophones, bass clarinet and flute. “As Real as Thinking” is an amazing mix of fiery licks, catchy themes, telepathic rhythms, shamanic soundscapes and processed loops that testifies to the band’s compositional flair and extraordinary musicianship. The music is meaningfully condensed, consistently powerful without being overwhelming and will appeal to progressive jazz fans and well as world music and rock audiences with an ear for the unusual. The CD sounds alternately groovy and meditative, trancy and punkish, modern and ethnic, cloudy and clear. It showcases the musicians’ seemingly boundless energy and an extraordinary capacity to listen to each other and improvise over insane chord, rhythm and time changes while handling live electronics.

Click HERE for more info and generous sound clips.

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