Todd Rundgren audio & visual archive recordings

“The Archive Audio & Visual Recordings 1976 – 1995”

Todd Rundgren

Cherry Red Records and their imprint Esoteric Recordings are extremely proud to announce the acquisition of TODD RUNDGREN’s unique and extensive personal audio and visual archive of live and studio recordings covering material recorded and filmed between 1976 and 1995.

Todd Rundgren is a true original in popular music. A highly creative and diverse musician, his work as a solo artist and with the band UTOPIA has earned him a vast and loyal global following and immense respect from his musical peers. His production work with stylistically diverse artists such as MEAT LOAF, NEW YORK DOLLS, PATTI SMITH, THE BAND, THE TUBES, XTC et al has also set him among the gifted elite of musicians and producers.

The extensive Rundgren archive features a host of unreleased audio and visual concert recordings, of Todd’s solo work and Utopia. Esoteric Recordings label manager Mark Powell said; “It really is an honour for all of us at Esoteric and Cherry Red to be given the chance to work with rare recordings of such a ground-breaking icon as Todd Rundgren. As a fan of Todd’s, the chance to prepare a series of unique releases of unreleased material, beginning in the early months of 2012, is a privilege”.

Further announcements will be made as releases are prepared, but Esoteric plan a series of CD and DVD collections with deluxe packaging, extensive liner notes and the finest audio and visual quality. Aside from TODD RUNDGREN and UTOPIA releases, Esoteric’s release programme will also include a full release of the rare and unreleased DISCO JETS album, a UTOPIA side project from 1978.

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  1. Good news!

    Hopefully there will be some “new” material, not simply reissues of the Sanctuary releases.

    Now if someone would release the Kasim solo effort and the Price-Sulton album (hint, hint)

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