New Rush album in 2012

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Rush’s Geddy Lee speaks of a possible Spring release for the new Rush album…

What’s the status of the next album?
We’re almost finished writing. We wound the machine back up about three weeks ago. After a sluggish start, we’ve had a very fruitful couple of weeks in terms of writing. I’m very pleased with the direction that the material has taken. And I think we have one or two more songs that we’d like to write, and then we’ll start recording in earnest. Hopefully we’ll have all of the recording done before Christmas. Then we’ll mix it some time in the next year, and then get it out.

Wow. So it’ll be out sometime early next year?
Yeah.  I hope it’ll be out by the spring anyway.

Is the sound of the album similar to Snakes and Arrows?
I think it’s a little different than Snakes and Arrows. It’s not finished so it’s hard to say exactly what it will sound like in totality, but I think that the direction of “Caravan” and “BU2B” sort of points in the direction that we’re going.

Read the full article HERE.

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    Ill believe it when I see it…..

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