The Future Kings… return

The Future Kings Of England return with their 4th album, Who Is This Who Is Coming?, scheduled for release in late November… 

The Future Kings Of England ~ Who is This Who is Coming?Who is This Who is Coming?
  I. Journey to the Coast
  II. The Globe Inn
  III. The Whistle
  IV. Watcher Part 1
  V. Who is This Who is Coming?
  VI. Disbeliever
  VII. Watcher Part 2
  VIII. A Face of Crumpled Linen
  IX. The Spectacle of a Scarecrow

Our 4th album is based on the fantastically creepy short story ‘Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You my Lad’ by M.R. James. It was written in 1904 and is regarded a classic of it’s genre.

In the tale a professer digs up a bronze whistle in a Templer ruin near Burnstow, a fictionalised version of the town of Felixstowe in Suffolk. When he blows into the whistle he unleashes an ancient evil that his skeptical mind has a hard time to deal with.

One could say this album forms the final part of a trilogy starting with our second album ‘The Fate of Old Mother Orvis’ and our third ‘The Viewing Point’ concerning Suffolk both in it’s wonderful landscape and folklore. But we hasten to add it was not intentional!

The album title is ‘Who is This Who is Coming?’ which comes from the inscription on the found whistle – it’s in Latin, ‘Quis Est Iste Qui Uenit’ which translates into ’Who is This Who is Coming?

The title is in fact one long piece of continuous music with interludes and sound effects. It is broken down into various parts and follows the original story. The tracklisting is thus:

If anyone is interested, you can read the short story online… Please click on the link HERE.

The Monarchs.

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