Discipline release new album

Matthew Parmenter‘s Discipline return later this month with a new album. To Shatter All Accord will be released on 31st October. The opening track from the album is available at their Bandcamp site

2011 studio release from Detroit’s premiere progressive rock band Discipline. To Shatter All Accord introduces all new recordings, including the 24-minute Rogue, a psychedelic song-suite staged as theatrical drama. To Shatter All Accord features the Discipline lineup that recorded the unparalleled Unfolded Like Staircase (Matthew Parmenter, Jon Preston Bouda, Mathew Kennedy, Paul Dzendzel). As on that classic release, the Discipline of To Shatter All Accord makes no apologies. The band has once again reinvented itself with a unique sound and vision.

Tracklisting:Discipline ~ To Shatter All Accord

1. Circuitry (6:16)
2. When The Walls Are Down (7:29)
3. Dead City (5:15)
4. When She Dreams She Dreams In Color (13:40)
5. Rogue (24:04)

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