David Bedford RIP

David Bedford RIPComposer, arranger and musician David Bedford passed away on 1st October 2011. He was 74…

David started his recording career when he was asked to orchestrate Kevin Ayers’ 1969 Joy For A Toy album. He also played keyboards on the album and subsequently went on to play in Kevin Ayers & The Whole World. Later David Beford would go on to record with fellow Ayer’eon and sax player Lol Coxhill. The duo’s early works being recently re-mastered by Esoteric Recordings. But perhaps David will be more remembered in progressive circles for his orchestrations of Mike Oldfiled’s Tubular Bells and Hergest Ridge.  

David Bedford was also a composer of avant-garde classical music, composing numerous pieces – including film scores. He also a long list, progessively speaking, of musical credits including Yes’ Alan White, Camel and Robert Wyatt.

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3 Responses to David Bedford RIP

  1. ChrisX says:

    Has this really been confirmed because the only report I can find us from Norman Lebrecht’s blog.

  2. bob says:

    This has been confirmed by a number of reliable sources including (in the UK) The Guardian and Daily Telegraph newspapers…

  3. Ehol says:

    Here are some reliable sources:

    We all remember fondly his work with Mike Oldfield. Maybe, without Bedford, there wouldn’t have been any Oldfield …

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