Colossus Project for 2012

Hot on the heels of the recent news of a Colossus/Musea epic, The Decameron Part 1, is early notification of the next Colossus Project. A SyNphonic Collection is based on the short stories of H.P. Lovecraft. This latest offering from Colossus/Musea will be a triple CD box-set with an 80 page booklet. Scheduled for release in June 2012.


01  At the Mountains of Madness – AETHER (Bra)
02  The Unnamable – SIMON SAYS (Swe)
03  The Call of Cthulu – DAAL (Ita)
The Stories of HP Lovecraft ~ A SyNphonic Collection04  The Statement of Randolph Carter – CICCADA (Gre)
05  Pickman’s Model – INDEX (Bra)
06  The Music of Erich Zann – RUE D’AUSEIL (Ita)
07  The Case of Charles Dexter Ward – SAMURAI OF PROG
08  The Cats of Ulthar – SITHONIA (Ita)
09  Herbert West – Reanimator – CARY CLOUSER (Can)
10  The Colour out of Space – NEXUS (Arg)
11  The Doom that Came to Sarnath – DACCORD (Nor)
12  Cool Air – GLASS HAMMER (Usa)
13  The Shadow over Innsmouth – ANIMA MORTE (Swe)
14  The Rats in the Walls – ATTILIO PERRONE (Ita)
15  The Other Gods – ARS EPHEMERA (Can)
16  The Dunwich Horror – SAFARÀ (Ita)
17  The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath – KATE (Fin)
18  Beyond the Wall of Sleep – GUY LE BLANC (Can)
19  Hypnos JINETES NEGROS (Arg)
20  Bonus Track – GOAD (Ita)

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