Marvin Ayers :: Harmogram Suite

Minimalist, experimental,  multi-instumentalist and composer Marvin Ayers will release the Harmogram Suite on 14th November through Burning Shed.

Marvin Ayres :: Harmogram SuiteWith  ‘Harmogram Suite’ Marvin takes his listeners on a hugely emotional and dramatic journey in a musical piece written in six movements.
The groundbreaking conceptual work has been recorded as an orchestral suite in surround sound and for a limited time will be a CD/DVD release.
Harmogram is a hybrid term that Marvin has used to describe his mix of harmonics and harmony with hologram. His initial idea for the piece was that the ‘delivery’ of sound (i.e. Surround Sound, 3D audio, etc) now seems to be almost as important as the ‘musical’ content and instrumentation involved.
The result is a unique, modern classical musical sound composition…

Source: Glass Onyon PR 

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