New Lunacode album

We’re happy and honoured to announce the release date for their upcoming first full length album, whose title will be “Celestial Harmonies”, and will be out on 10 January 2012 through Spider Rock Promotion, for worldwide digital distribution.

Lunocode ~ Celestial Harmonies1) Sin Cara
2) Heart of the World
3) Indifference (feat. Olaf Thorsen)
4) Misty Visions of an Ordinary Day
5) The Origin of Matter and Mind:
   I) On Matter and Mind
   II) High
   III) The Cosmic Architect
   IV) Tree of Life
   V) Crossing the Line
   VI) Albert II

The first four songs are not part of a concept, still mantaining a common fil rouge. The fifth is instead a long suite in six parts (average duration: 5 minutes), with an instrumental overture as intro.

Heart Of The World is a remixed and rearranged acoustic version of a song in the EP “Last Day Of The Earth”; Indifference will be featuring of Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) special guitar solo.

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