New Colossus/Musea epic soon

The Decameron Part 1Continuing the long running association between Finland’s Colossus Projects (The Finnish Progressive Music Association) and France’s Musea Records sees another in their epic releases. Following in the traditions of previous releases the contributing bands are asked to write one (or two) tracks using vintage/analogue instruments in the style of early 70’s progressive rock.

The Decameron Part 1 will be a quadruple CDs box-set including 33 international bands covering the first 33 novellas of Boccaccio’s collection of 100 tales”.

a01 La Coscienza Di Zeno (Ita)
a02 Nexus (Arg)
a03 Lady Lake (Hol)
a04 Tommy Eriksson (Fin)
a05 La Theorie Des Cordes (Fra)
a06 Resistor (Usa)
a07 Faveravola (Ita)

b01 Index (Bra)
b02 Safará (Ita)
b03 Andrew Roussak (Rus)
b04 Pennelli Di Vermeer (Ita)
b05 Jinetes Negros (Arg)
b06 Posto Blocco 19 (Ita)
b07 Serdimontana (Rus)
b08 Fufluns (Ita)
b09 Senogul (Spa)
b10 Kate (Fin)

c01 Roz Vitalis (Rus)
c02 Rhys Marsh (Nor)
c03 Inner Drive (Rus)
c04 Trion (Hol)
c05 Attilio Perrone (Ita)
c06 Attilio Perrone (Ita)
c07 Contrarian (Usa)
c08 The Samurai Of Prog
c09 Jukka Kulju (Fin)

d01 Ars Ephemera (Can)
d02 Mogon (Usa)
d03 Ciccada (Gre)
d04 Ozone Player (Fin)
d05 Castle Canyon (Usa)
d06 LaC.O.S.A. (Ita)
d07 Cary Clouser (Usa)

*bonus tracks
d08 Daal (Ita)
d09 Marco Lo Muscio (Ita)

This mammoth Musea release will hit the streets in November 2011

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