Another Frost*y spell due

Jem Godfrey has posted the following information regarding a third Frost* album

…a third Frost* studio album!!

Yes, I’m dusting the old cow down again for another lap of the block. I know it’s been an on/off thing for nearly 8 years concerning me and this shebang and I sincerely thank you (those of you who have managed to cling on to the rollercoaster ride of my relationship with this ever evolving troupe) for your patience, but I feel that after a full year off, I’m back in the zone and there’s some more music to be made.

I did stress at the end of last year that it was only a hiatus by the way. See? I’m learning! 🙂

As yet I have no idea of the form, shape, personnel or sound of this new album, but it will definitely be Frost* shaped. I’ll once again be making Frost* reports available online during the process and it’ll no doubt be a bloody madhouse throughout, but that’s Frost*. That’s what it is.

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