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Agents of Mercy will release their 3rd studio album on 17 September…

Agents Of Mercy bannerTime has come to announce the birth of a new album. The 3rd studio-album is called “The Black Forest” and is what some may call a “concept album”, one mega tune of 56 minutes but cut into separate slices, to digest easier.

Now you’ve heard that “concept” term a million times – ’cause it’s PROG, but here  it is, “The Black Forest” is a surreal journey – a mysteriously glowing metaphor for a trip thru  dark, disturbing and likewise scary times, a lifelong uncertain journey bookended by greed, lust, hunger for power & money, eternal life, mindcontrol – and guess what? …..we’re the prey !!

We navigate thru dark dreams of the immortal, dark waters, eerie topics hinting at death & dreams, forest ghosts Elzbeth Bathory’s life, a freak parade of monstruosity galore, a quiet tidy town with hidden horrors, the touring circus of freaks, dark realms of endless wars and lost kingdoms, the unwanted darktowns of our minds ……… fun stuff eh ?

We laid down the basic tracks on 24 ch. analogue tape in a lovely studio in the middle of Sweden’s countryside, in April, a place called Varnhem ( very dark age ! ) – the studio is a top notch, super hi tech,  newly built million dollar  sanctuary for idiots like us – to our ears it sounds bigger than pure digital.

The music this time  is a more rock oriented path we’ve taken, for good reasons – we are a R&R band at the core, but we sprinkle bits of  symphonic, jazz and folk or whatever tickle our fancy at the time.
Guitars and drums have moved forward in the soundscapes but the gnarly Moog and mellotron is still present, this time a bit more haunting and angular.
The tunes are longer and more elaborated (prog) but sometimes with a ironfist of raw power riffage that resemble Black Sabbath or Deep Purple rather than Yes or Genesis.
Don’t fret – there is plenty of symphonic bombasm too –  we think there is even more than on previous albums, so you’ll get your fix of that ol’ tron, moog  & taurusbass.

Agents Of Mercy ~ The Black ForestAlbum traxlist:
The Black Forest
A Quiet Little Town
Black Sunday
Between Sun & Moon
Freak Of Life
Kingdom Of Heaven

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