Gentle Giant remasters

Octopus and Three Friends remasters to be released later this month. MoonJune Records‘ Leonardo Pavkovic sent us the following update:

GENTLE GIANT’S ALUCARD MUSIC is finally releasing:

OCTOPUS and THREE FRIENDS distributed through EMI, which unleashes New Digital and Physical Remasters (in digipack format) from the original 1/4 inch tapes of these Seminal British Progressive Rock Recordings on September 27, 2011. (Please note that this is the first ever digital remastering from the ORIGINAL TAPES, with the supervision of Derek Shulman and Alucard Music).

Probably some or most of You already know that Derek Shulman and myself are running a new company 2 Plus Music & Entertainment, which is overseeing now, among others, the Gentle Giant brand in association with the band’s own Alucard Music (to be completely redesigned and rebranded, very soon!).

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