Jonathan Barrett leaves The Tangent

Hello everybody.

Jonathan Barrett [The Tangent]I’m afraid that I’m leaving The Tangent.

The last year has been a difficult one emotionally,and I’ve been pushing myself a bit too hard for a bit too long. The effects have caught up with me.

Secondly, I’m suffering quite badly as the result of a neck injury I received some years ago. I have constant, sometimes severe, pain in my neck, both arms and my right hand, which manages to be almost completely numb and extremely sore. Quite an achievement! I’m scheduled for surgery in the very near future,and am assured by the Neurosurgeon that my chances of a full recovery are very high. Fingers crossed, if possible!

Thirdly, my spirit has been somewhat sapped by the acceptance of theft as a way of acquiring music. All our efforts are scuppered by thieves.The minute we start to get a little bit ahead financially, somebody posts our latest CD or DVD online and sales plummet. This is incredibly depressing. I know that some of you have been offended by my intemperate language on the subject in recent threads on The Tangent FB page. Please accept my apologies.

I’d like to wish Andy, Luke, Tony, Sally and Theo all the very best for the future. It’s been a fantastic experience, some highs, some lows and some hysterical giggling in a Midnight Garden in The Netherlands, 4,000 miles in a collapsing van and a lot of Full English Breakfasts. And that’s just the last 3 months!

So,to finish-all the very best to all of you. Thanks for all the friendship and general loveliness I’ve received. Toodle Pip and Hurrah for all Tangerines!

Jonathan Half Badger.

PS At the risk of being a little bit mischievous,I know who the new recruit is,and you’re all in for a hell of a treat!

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  1. Jackie Murray says:


    It’s so sad that one leaves for such sad reasons. Personally, I wish you nothing but the best, a happy life, full of freedom to enjoy the things that life has to offer and peace. You WILL perservere!!!! Regarding your surgery….I’ve had it, you will recover nicely, feel 100% better!!! I will be having more as mine is a degenerative disease plus more bulging discs (3 this time to be exact), surgery will be sometime soon as well. Do not be fearful, trust the doc to do a fine job. Your throat should be the only thing that feels horrible!!!! I wish you well on this endeavor as well. Just for extra measure, I will keep you in my prayers as well!!!!

    Enjoy your new found freedom called life, soon you will be able to mill in with others and enjoy a life of luxury amoungst the “normal” folks, now won’t that be a treat!!!!!

    Feel better and be happy, be sure to post how your surgery goes. Good luck and be well.

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