Peter Gabriel updates

Peter Gabriel has posted a new video on his website in which he talks about his trip to the Witness Benefit concert in New York, the ‘New Blood’ recordings and more. He also does an exclusive performance of ‘Wallflower’, accompanied by pianist Tom Cawley.

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2 Responses to Peter Gabriel updates

  1. Kenneth R says:

    Peter Gabriel has my highest respect as an artist who not only bears a legendary array of musical endeavours, but who also visibly, deeply cares for the people of this world and strives to fight injustice while simultaneously promoting awareness of culture through music.

  2. Jan-Jaap de Haan says:

    What a beautiful version of an already great song. Shivers and goosebumps! I’ll never forget the day that my eye fell on the ‘Gabriel plays live’-album in my collection and we decided to call our son Gabriël… 🙂
    The honesty and power the man puts in his performance is still mindblowing.

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