Portnoy & Sykes join forces

Drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Sykes have joined forces, with an as yet unamed bassist, to form a “power trio”. According to reports at Blabbermouth Portnoy describes one track as “copping the [LED] ZEPPELIN/[BLACK] SABBATH vibe” and another as “[PINK] FLOYD meets [DEEP] PURPLE!!! Some serious old-school classic rock.”

On his forum Mike posted the following remarks: 

Mike Portnoy & John Sykes courtesy of BlabbermouthYes, this is what I’ve been working on here in LA for the last week or so (as well as a few days at the end of May)
John & I have been working with a bass player as well (no, not Dug Pinnick) and the announcement of who it is will be made at a later point…let’s just say it is a completely ridiculous modern-day power trio!!!  
We’ve demo-ed 12 songs so far and will begin recording the album in the Fall…

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