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HakenHaken hope to release their 2nd album as an exclusive for those attending their performance at ProgPower USA in Atlanta on Saturday 17th September, with a general release planned for early October to be confirmed. Although the recording process is still underway, both band and label are confident that the cogs are turning at the right pace to make all this possible. For now, Haken proudly announce the track titles for their 2nd concept album, Visions.

1. Premonition
2. Nocturnal Conspiracy
3. Insomnia
4. The Mind’s Eye
5. Portals
6. Shapeshifter
7. Deathless
8. Visions

Ross Jennings ensures: “We are confident this album will not disappoint fans of Aquarius. As well as pulling some signature stunts, we are also trying to raise the bar with our compositions, and as individual players…”
…Pure anticipation!

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  1. PJH says:

    HAKEN release album cover artwork and a teaser for the new album VISIONS.
    Art work Dennis Sibeijn at Damnengine. The album was mixed by Christian Moos [Everon} at Spacelab Studios in Germany.


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