The Enid Newspaper

The Enid will not only be playing at High Voltage this weekend (Prog Stage, Sunday), they will be distributing copies of their newspaper, Enid News.

Enid News contains information about the world’s most majestic rock band, The Enid, its music and its band members, but also several comment pieces in which Robert John Godfrey, one of the founding fathers of the progressive movement in the late Sixties, questions the future of all creative artists unless their fans play a leading role (The Enid’s fans, The Enidii, are behind the band’s major appearance at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, with the City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and a 200-piece choir in October).

Robert John Godfrey - photo by Menno von Brucken Fock

Godfrey wrote: “Concept albums like Journey’s End, with their layers of meaning and subtle content require hundreds of hours of creative work, thousands of pounds to produce and one hell of an emotional roller-coaster to bring to fruition. With support no longer available from the recording industry and most people wanting to download music for free, how on earth is this quality of creative work ever going to get achieved in future?

“The days of big record companies willing to spend money on expensive works of art are long gone. Nor is there an Arts Council able to support this sort of thing on the grounds that there are apparently sufficient commercial avenues available.

“This state of affairs has led to almost limitless choice from a vast mountain of largely shallow revamped rubbish produced on the cheap. The only place funding for a band like The Enid can possibly come from is the fans. They will need to be true music lovers and be ready to step collectively into the shoes of good old fashioned patronage to support the future of bands like The Enid.

“Otherwise the likes of us and all those other potential bands of the future; people with big ideas and intelligent imaginative music in their hearts intent on pushing the envelope will fade into the shadows.”
The Enid are available for interview before during or after High Voltage – Robert John Godfrey is a particularly good interviewee with original, forthright and well constructed viewpoints about a range of topics, especially the parlous state of the music industry.

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