New Jethro Tull album next year

According to a recent interview with Ian Anderson a new Tull album will appear next March. In the interview with Vintage Rock Ian confirms that he has all the material written and that the studio time has been booked for later this year.

Ian Anderson ~ official press photoI do have, currently, a whole album written and prepared, and in fact scored in Sibelius, one of the music composition programs, and all the lyrics and arrangements done. I’m looking forward to going to the studio to record it, but it won’t be until November because between now and the end of October, we’re pretty much on the road all the time. I finished writing that in the beginning of April or the last week of March. I spent a few days with my guitar player and keyboard player doing the job of consigning it all to written arrangements. But it’s on ice until we have a recording session with rehearsals starting at the end of October. We have about six weeks of studio time booked. So, yeah there will be something next year coming out around the end of March.

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