Mike Oldfield reissues Incantations

Mike Oldfield ~ new artwork for Incantations The music of Mike Oldfield is some of the most spiritual, ethereal, reflective and sensual in rock. Oldfield himself created his own genre with his groundbreaking 1973 work, Tubular Bells, and has continued to craft highly individual works to this day which have built him a loyal international following. When Oldfield’s Virgin catalogue moved to Mercury in 2008, the label has worked closely with him to ensure the highest standard in revisiting his masterworks from the 70s and 80s. 

The fourth instalment in his catalogue reissues, Incantations, is released on July 25th. Incantations, originally released in November 1978 was Oldfield’s first and only studio double album. Comprising of four parts of the title track, it was a masterpiece of minimalism, with Oldfield again playing many of the instruments, with old friends including David Bedford conducting the choir and orchestra, Pierre Moerlen on drums and Mike’s sister Sally on vocals.

With the remaster overseen by Oldfield himself, the packages contain a variety of rare material; and again, as with Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn, contain a brand new 5.1 mix of Excerpts of Incantations by Oldfield on DVD, as well as footage from his 1979 concert tour that supported the album. Both CD formats also include ‘Guilty’, Oldfield’s legendary 1979 single recorded in New York City at the height of the disco movement. Few expected the man who crafted 25 minute sides of symphonic rock to hit the dancefloor with such élan. 

500 copies of the vinyl version of Incantations have been signed by Mike Oldfield and are available, as is the standard vinyl exclusively through mikeoldfield.com. With artwork overseen by Oldfield and extensive notes, Incantations is the marvellous next instalment of Mike Oldfield’s compelling catalogue.

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  1. Mr. Konarak says:

    It’s really nice that Incantations is out again but for many very disapointing that for the 5.1 mix only a few excerpts are used. That’s making it a bit cheap…

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