The Enid ~ Arise & Shine 2 – Risen

Arise & Shine Volume 2 ~ RisenThe live shows have been going from strength to strength. As the band add more works from the repertoire into the live set, they are being ‘committed to tape’ here in at The Lodge studio. Sounding better than ever; keeping the best aspects of the original music whilst injecting a new dimension. Not only has technology has moved on but also this 21st Century line up includes a new generation of musicians, people with a lot to give.

People who go to our shows, particularly those new to the band are making it clear that they want recordings of the contemporary lineup playing the music they have just witnessed. Hence the “Arise & Shine” project.

The band have been excited about getting in the studio and reworking these pieces, giving them a fresh new lease of life without losing what many of us fell ?in love? with in the originals all those years ago. For those who will always prefer the originals, then of course they still have them. 

Track listing includes:

Spring (Origina version on The Spell) – Complete at last. Now recorded with all the missing guitars lines composed for the original but left off due to running out of time prior to release.

Something Wicked This Way Comes (SWTWC) – All the atmosphere of the original. The verses have been left pretty well as they were. Be ready for some surprises when it comes to the rest.

Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came 2010 revision premiered at Town Hall, Birmingham in 2010

Fand 2010 (Original version on Aerie Faerie Nonsense) – In the special version performed for the first times at Town Hall Birmingham.

The Mirror Of Love Based on Robert John Godfrey’s original composition of thirty five years ago, The Lovers. This new and extended visualisation of his original youthful “Rachmaninoveske” composition looks back at young and painful love as RJG puts it, “through the other end of the telescope”.

The Tower (ITROTSS) –
Deconstructed and resurrected for a new generation! Watch out for the “coda”.

The Dambusters and Land Of Hope And Glory in a new powerful arrangement with the Hauptwerk organ from
Salisbury Cathedral!

Mockingbird –  Bonus track for this first pressing only.

Robert John Godfrey’s original orchestral arrangement of 1970; A tribute to the memory of Woolly Wolstenhome one time close friend and founder member of Barclay James Harvest.

Arise & Shine Volume 2 ~ Risen will be released on Saturday 11th June 2011. The Legacy Edition is a limited run, so visit The Enid website for pre-order information…

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