Jon Anderson Survival & Other Stories

Jon Anderson‘s long awaited studio album Survival & Other Stories which is currently only available at Jon’s gigs, but will go on general release on 6th June 2011. Below you can listen to Unbroken Spirit from the album which will be distributed through Gonzo Multimedia


“About four years ago I just put in an ad on my website: ‘Musicians Wanted’… This is the result. Writing the songs for ‘Survival and other Stories’ was uplifting for me on many levels, I was working with musicians from around the world Via the Internet, it’s a new world, music is a healing energy, I had a tough 2008, through illness, and the Music I’ve been writing since is a celebration of life on many levels…I hope you get the chance to hear the album..Big Love..Jon.” ‘Survival and Other Stories’ is the first of three albums to be released by Jon Anderson in the next two years.

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