Polish band Dianoya updates

After a hard but productive year 2010 we withdrew a little and started composing new album. The effects of our work will have to wait a little while, and the reasons are: Due to personal reasons Pierzchała Adam decided to leave the band. We respect his decision, we also thank you for everything and good luck mate:) – Dianoya’s new bassist is Art Radkiewicz, whose mysterious musical connections go back to (not) far Sweden:) – Art began intensive rehearsals in a new rehearsal place. – New material will surely be more energetic. At the moment, songs are more structured than on ” Obscurity Divine” album. But the truth is that every time we choose a music azimuth, it land in a different place, so till release of new album everything can happen. Despite some turmoil,we do not sit idly and we have prepared a surprise.

From now on our Myspace profile you can listen to the song “Essence of Obscurity Divine” While we were composing new material we decided to go into the studio and record a little experiment. As the name suggests it has something to do with our debut album, “Obscurity Divine”:) We invite you to listen and comment on Facebook and Myspace. So this is it for the moment…back to work:)

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