Esoteric Recordings release schedule

April Titles
Vangelis – L’Apocalypse Des Animaux
Vangelis – Opera Sauvage
Jack Bruce – A Question Of Time
Tempest – Tempest
Tempest- Living In Fear
Home- Home
Home- Pause For A Hoarse Horse
Dave Brock – Earthed To The Ground

May Titles
Tangerine – Dream-Zeit
Tangerine Dream – Poland
Hawkwind – Distant Horizons
Gary Brooker – Lead Me To The Water
Envelopes Of Yesterday – 2CD Manticore Anthology
Isotope – Isotope
Isotope – Deep End
Isotope – Illusion
June Titles
Dave Brock – Agents Of Chaos
Acqua Fragile – Acqua Fragile 
Acqua Fragile – Mass Media Stars
Bill Nelson – Northern Dream.
Lol Coxhill – Ear Of The Beholder
David Bedford – Nurses Song With Elephants
Earth And Fire – To the World The Future
CCLR (Cavalli, Cocchi, Lanzetti & Roverzi) – CCLR

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