New progressive/stoner band MOON launch first single

Fresh Sydney based trio Moon have released their first single “Sidewinder”. It’s the first song off their debut album, to be released in early 2016 of which the band claim to “put a new spin on instrumental prog-rock”.

Listen to the track on Soundcloud

Moon - SidewinderThe band’s self-description:
Moon began as an experiment in a historic recording studio in the inner city of Sydney and from nothing at all the three-piece found a unique synergy, creating “The Orbitor”. Channelling sleepmakeswaves and Mogwai with a side dish of Black Sabbath, MOON creates 21st century rock, taking the expanse and ambition of post-rock, but in tight three-minute packages that explode out of the speakers.

This album is an extraordinarily emotive journey that wreaks havoc with the senses.    An eight-track celebration of rock to particularly showcase guitars and drums, through to quiet introspection and string sections, big beats and delicate synths depicting an unnerving beauty matched only by its frightening eloquence and timeless narrative thread.”

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