BOX OF SHAMANS Release “Belief and Illusion”

Atlanta, GA – May 12, 2015  (10T Records) – 10T Records releases “Belief and Illusion,” the debut studio release by BOX OF SHAMANS, on May 12, 2014, with a retail street date of June 16, 2015.

Hailing out of Los Angeles, Box of Shamans is a new musical project featuring current members of last year’s break-out progressive rock band, Heliopolis, venturing into more adventurous and darker cinematic territory on their debut, “Belief and Illusion.” Box of Shamans is led by the multi-instrumental prowess of Michael Matier (Heliopolis, Ten Jinn) and the soaring voice and wordplay of Scott Jones (Heliopolis, Rocket Scientists), who have been writing together for many years. Virtuoso drummer Jerry Beller (Heliopolis, Mars Hollow) joins them for this release. Together they create a unique fusion of styles that will excite all fans of cutting-edge modern progressive rock.

Box of Shamans is a true collaborative effort between Michael and Scott. Having been in two previous musical projects together, they have developed a unique creative bond that allows for each to exert independent “free reign” over their respective roles. Michael creates pieces of music in his home studio, and then gives these to Scott, who writes the lyrics and melodies in his own home studio.

“I love the way Michael’s music inspires me,” says Scott. “I hear it and just start singing. His outstanding musicianship on all instruments drives me to be a better singer.”

“Scott makes my job easy,” add Michael. “He can write a great vocal melody over anything I give him, plus multiple harmonies! His creativity and unique voice provide a direction for the music. He makes ideas into songs.”

“Scott and I were hoping to find a label to team up with so our music could actually reach a few people,” says Michael. “During a Heliopolis rehearsal, I asked Kerry (Chicoine) and Jerry (Beller) how Mars Hollow felt about 10T. They both were very complimentary on how 10T ran their label, how Mars Hollow was treated so well, and how Steve and Jeff were so great to work with…and they were right! 10T has been patiently supportive beyond the bounds of reason or rhyme for this project, and we are grateful and excited to release this album with them!”

“Belief and Illusion” is a culmination of years of friendship, dedication, determination, belief, and the sheer joy of creating music together. The band was able to recruit the talents of such greats as John Prpich (Heliopolis, Edgar Winter), who mixed and produced “Belief and Illusion,” and Scott Sedillo (U2), of Bernie Grundman Mastering, who mastered it.
“Belief and Illusion” by Box of Shamans is now available to preview in its entirety exclusively on the Box of Shamans artist page on the 10T Records website:

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