RICH WILLIAMS: KANSAS plans to begin recording a new album

In a recent interview RICH WILLIAMS annouced that KANSAS has plans ro record a new album next year. He says Ronnie Platt brings a lot of new energy to the band and all agree to new actions.

“Anything we want to do — let’s go to South America, let’s go to Europe…let’s record an album. Let’s get together and just work up material — every little thing is followed by a ‘Let’s do that!’ response,” he says. “That inspires the crew members, that inspires the fanbase….the old dogs in the band get excited. It’s contagious, that type of attitude. So we’re just out having the best time we’ve had in years and years and years. This is going to be the busiest year we’ve had. We’re going to do upwards of 90 dates this year, which we haven’t done since we did the first couple of albums when we were out playing every show that we could.”

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