ENOCHIAN THEORY mastermind BEN HARRIS-HAYES unveils solo project

Harris-Hayes_Voice_kleinBen Harris-Hayes recently released the first video single “Finding a Voice”, the first of a three piece project.

“I have always wanted to perform and record everything myself, as I’ve been playing many instruments since I was about 8…all self-taught, but I still always felt it would be a worthwhile exercise and also, enjoyable to have complete control over where the songs head.” says Harris-Hayes and gives us an oversight of the songs: 

“The current video single is called Finding A Voice, and I guess you could say it’s simply about finding your own way through things…reaching a point where you NEED to speak up.
There’s an underlying element of awareness of mental health in the song, but the key is the positivity of speaking up and being yourself…no matter what stigma is apparently attached to the issue you’re addressing.

The next ‘video-single’ (being shot in April) is entitled Grail Of A Secular Age and that Harris-Hayes2015explores how utterly alone we can feel in this day and age, despite being surrounded by so many people.

The final song will be entitled Down Where The Colours Float, which is an exploration of appreciation for the things you have in your life…not what you feel your want.”

About the realisation of the project as a one-piece package he explains:
“The current plan is to continue to release the video-singles as and when the videos are done, building the individual releases to a 3 tracks E.P, which I hope to compile for release through a small label…or through my own self-funded means, either way it will happen!” About his further plany, Harris-Hayes reveals:
“I have TONS of music written, unfinished demos and some strong ideas that I enjoy listening to…so, I hope to go through them all and expand them into a full album, AFTER the compiling e.p is done.
I have some fun ideas for the full album and the more I think about it, the more I’d like to get some friends on bands I’ve toured with to perform on the record, just to really bring my ideas to life.”

Harris-Hayes’ social media links:

‘Finding A Voice’ video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df9TOk6DbnA
Audio only:  https://benharris-hayes.bandcamp.com/track/finding-a-voice
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BenEnochian
Twitter:   @BenHarrisHayes

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