Odin’s Court – new album

Odin's Court - Human Life In Motion“Human Life in Motion” is a concept album with an introspective look at the individual’s life and mind. Each song deals with a primary human emotion and takes the listener on a journey through a range of feelings and textures. Brookins comments, “While [the last Odin’s Court album] Deathanity was philosophical and macro in scope, Human Life in Motion is more introspective and personal, dealing with the human mind and experiences. Since we set out to make Deathanity a very artsy album, this latest effort was designed to be more accessible and catchy. That doesn’t mean that the intricacies or diversity of the music are gone, but it does mean that those characteristics are much more transparent to the casual listener.”

Odin’s Court draws from classic inspirations such as Pink Floyd, Boston, Queen, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Journey as well as more modern bands such as Devin Townsend, Counting Crows, Type O Negative, OSI, Porcupine Tree, and Tool.  You can find and “like” them on Facebook and their own web site is http://www.OdinsCourtBand.Com – The digital release on http://progrockrecords.com/shop/view.php?id=248 and will ship in late March 2011.

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