Nick Mason fuels Pink Floyd reunion rumours – again!

Whenever one of the surviving members of Pink Floyd is interviewed the same question comes up: “Will Pink Floyd ever play live again?” And whenever Nick Mason is asked this question he brings a glimmer of hope:

“No one has said we will never work (together) again,” Nick said in an interview with BBC 6 Music.

However, that does not mean we should expect a full Pink Floyd tour anytime soon:

“I think it is very unlikely we are going to go out on tour however I live in hope we would absolutely do another Live 8 or play together for the right reasons,” Nick told 6 Music.

The band recently turned down a charity performance which would have meant the surviving members reforming for the first time in five years after they learned it would take place in the home of the ex-wife of retired Pakistani cricketer, Imran Khan.

Now Roger Waters is touring in Europe with The Wall starting again tonight in Lisbon (21 March) and Nick Mason is keen to witness it for himself.

You can listen to the BBC6 interview HERE.

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