The Samurai of Prog new album “The Imperial Hotel”


“The Samurai of Prog’s third album: ”The Imperial Hotel” will be released in August! Stunning new album of original songs in classic progressive style. Lush orchestration includes vintage keyboards, Rickenbacker bass, violin and flute. Special guests include Robert Webb (England), Octavio Stampalía (Jinetes Negros) Linus Kåse (Änglagård), David Myers (The Musical Box), Alan Shikoh (Glass Hammer), Yoshihisa Shimizu (Kenso) and much more! Presented in a very special package by Ed Unitsky including a 40-page booklet.”


  1. After the Echoes (8:43)
  2. Limoncello (7:58)
  3. Victoria’s Summer Home (2:54)
  4. The Imperial Hotel (28:10)
  5. Into the Lake (8:43)
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One Response to The Samurai of Prog new album “The Imperial Hotel”

  1. The Samurai of Prog says:

    As if keeping with the mysterious and haunted theme of our album, somewhere in transit between the manufacturing plant in Italy and Kimmo’s shop in Finland, our beloved discs have vanished! The couriers would very much like to search for the lost CDs, but alas, their fingers are too fatigued after spending all day pointing blame at each other. We dearly hope the shipment reappears, but if not, we’ll soon manufacture a new batch. We apologize for the delay to all who preordered this album, and promise to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

    The Samurai of Prog

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