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” ​The wait is over! Since the announcement of signing to Long Branch Records fans and supporters were going crazy to get their hands on new Agent Fresco material. Now it’s here. The brand new single “Dark Water” is out now and available at all download stores and streaming services worldwide. Additional to the studio version the 2-track single comes with an exciting remix of the track done by Kristian Kamp. A brand new music video will follow the release on May 15th! Stay tuned for more news and have a listen to “Dark Water” on Soundcloud: Agent Fresco the Icelandic music scene demonstrates once again it’s exceptional status in the international music business. Björk and Sigur Rós went international stars, artists such as Of Monsters And Men, Emiliana Torrini, Ólafur Arnalds or Múm are playing sold out shows worldwide and additional to them there’s this huge pool of potential new international breakthrough acts incl. Ásgeir, FM Belfast, Bloodgroup, Retro Stefson, Mammút, Lockerbie and Agent Fresco.

AGENT FRESCO – a band of startling originality and known for its intensely dramatic performances of music combining the pop, alternative, art and math-rock genres. While their 2008 EP, Lightbulb Universe, won them early acclaim — a Kraumur Music Award and Best New Artist designation at the 2009 Icelandic Music Awards — it is their ambitious concept album “A Long Time Listening” that offers a glimpse of their true potential. At the heart of their sound is an intensity that flows through soaring rhapsodic melodies, free-floating lyrics, jazz-inflected harmonies, sideways-pulling polyrhythms and spasmodic eruptions of aggressive guitar, supported on drums by a rhythmic ribcage varying in style from spiffy to muscular. This is emotion soaked music projected with a stylistic confidence that earned this band the highest rating (KKKKK) from Kerrang! Magazine for their performances at Iceland Airwaves. Oozing musicianship from every pore, this band is impressive at any scale, electric or unplugged, on the stage or in the studio. The new studioalbum is scheduled for late Summer!

01 Dark Water 03:37
02 Dark Water (Kristian Kamp Remix) 3:08

“Agent Fresco, by and large one of the best bands to come out of Iceland… The mechanics and rhythmic patterns are stuttering and unpredictable — yet seamlessly stitched together into a stunning composition: a less confrontational, more internal At The Drive In.” (Halley Bond, MTV) “Seriously, this band is so impressive and the way the entire room sings along to their stunning Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher is a moment that’ll live long in the memory of all here.” (Paul Brannigan, KERRANG! / Iceland Airwaves) “AGENT FRESCO, an Icelandic band that somehow veered from blazing alt-guitar rock to Steely Dan-ballad piano figures and Queen stadium-gig hurrahs, often in the same song, to decisive euphoric effect.” (David Fricke – Rolling Stone) More information at: “

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