D Project will release their 4th album named “Making Sense”

“It’s been almost three years since The D Project has released a new album.  Supported by great guest musicians such as Tony Levin and Lalle Larsson to name but two, the Big Face album (2011) was highly praised by the  . In May 2014, D Project will release their 4th album named Making Sense. Desbiens and Foy once again worked together to create a new classic neo-prog experience. Eight tracks of inspired music enriched by special guests; Sean Filkins(ex Big Big Train) Claude Leonetti (Lazuli), Guillaume Fontaine (Nemo) will, doubtless, stretch the listener’s horizon to unexpected territories. And as the «Making Sense» title suggests, a trip back to Desbiens’ «Sense» area will revive some interesting memories! Mastered by Andy Jackson of the Pink Floyd hall of fame.

www.thedproject.com “

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