New single / video: INDIANS TO HEAVEN (Melbourne, Australia)

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“Introducing the first single from the forthcoming Indians to Heaven album. We are from Melbourne, Australia and we are completely independent.

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“His Softly Spoken Words” is the first single from “The Gentle Northern Wind”, a concept record inspired by 1970’s prog rock. The song is a ghostly, psychedelic journey into a desperate and broken mind, relentlessly punctuated by African percussion instruments and coloured by an analog synth orchestra.

Built upon the idea of reversing the meaning of lyrics to Pantera songs, Indians to Heaven (the name itself an antonym to Pantera’s moniker, Cowboys from Hell) represents the work of Aleks Habus and Ben deHoedt, who have each written and recorded their own “antonym” of Pantera’s “The Great Southern Trendkill”.

Whilst this would appear to be the foundation for a novelty project, the parameters and limitations of the lyric reversal process have served as an effective funnel for creativity. The resultant music is atmospheric, multi-layered and often somber.

Aleks has titled his album “A Quiet Life Up North”, and Ben has titled his “The Gentle Northern Wind”. They have co-written one song which appears on both albums, albeit with a different title, lyrics and production. Whilst each album is a complete package, written and performed independently by Aleks and Ben respectively, they are both ‘Indians to Heaven” albums.

“A Quiet Life Up North” is a pastoral celebration of life in Ascot Vale, a suburb north-west of Melbourne. Songs about love, domesticity, lemon trees and the Ascot sunlight are occasionally interrupted with the atmosphere that the dusk brings to the Vale. Like a norse one man band romanticising the snowscapes, but without all the treble and anger, Aleks attempts a musical peinture sur le motif of an Ascot Vale Sunday.

“The Gentle Northern Wind” tells the story of a charismatic stranger who offers salvation to a community of defeated people, in a narrative told from multiple perspectives. Conceived as the lyric “reversal’ process for the title song took place, the emerging themes were shaped into a story reminiscent of Stephen King or Clive Barker and musically traverses several genres, although mostly serving as a love letter to 1970’s progressive rock.

Both albums will be released via Bandcamp very soon with singles from each to be released prior to this.

First single / video “His Softly Spoken Words” (composed as the lyrical opposite of Pantera’s “War Nerve”) – is now available for purchase via bandcamp, is currently viewable on youtube and can be heard via sound cloud (links above)

Be well,

Ben and Aleks ”



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