Abel Ganz new album 2014 Pledge Music campaign


“All right Prog fans, at long last the new Abel Ganz album is here! We have finished recording our latest album, Abel Ganz.  Now we’re asking for your help to make Abel Ganz a reality.  We’re asking you, our biggest fans, to help us raise the funds necessary to take our best album ever to a level of awesomeness that will melt brains and move hearts.To raise the cash we need to make this happen, we are launching a campaign over at Pledge Music  

We’ll be offering an assortment of limited-edition Ganz Goodies to show our appreciation.

Back us at £8, £12, £15, or £50 and up, and you too could have a beautiful [ltd ed] digipak CD with your name inside in the credit notes!   Maybe you would prefer a handwritten copy of the lyrics to a song of your choosing?

This album is without a doubt our best ever by leaps and bounds. You are just as much a part of this project as we are — please support our Pledge Music Campaign. We’ll be giving you updates throughout the campaign and leaking you all sorts of exclusive sneak peeks on the album that we won’t be sharing on Facebook.

Want more info? Check out the track list for this album — 10 songs totalling just less than 73 minutes in run time!  That’s a LOT of Prog!

• “Delusions of Grandeur”
• “Obsolescence Pt.i Sunrise”
• “Obsolescence Pt.ii Evening”
• “Obsolescence Pt.iii Close Your Eyes”
• “Obsolescence Pt.iv The Dream”
• “Obsolescence Pt.v Dawn”
• “Spring”
• “Recuerdos”
• “Heartland ”
• “End of Rain”
• “Thank You”
• “A Portion of Noodles”
• “Unconditional”
• “The Drowning”

The album should be ready for release June 2014 and yours will ship early enough to guarantee you’ll receive it at least two weeks before the release date – so you can come to the launch show and sing along to every song!

We’re counting on you for our survival. Don’t delay — back us on Pledgemusic before it’s too late. You can’t take it with you when you go, so you might as well go out in style”

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