Tangerine Dream announces their farewell tour!

“2014 The final tour of the pioneers of new instrumental electronic music. Tangerine Dream, this seven time Grammy nominated European band, is a singular phenomenon. Surrounded by a strong rock «n« roll identity, they will hardly fit into any given musical pigeonhole.

Tangerine Dream has never produced anything calculated to make the masses jump off their chairs and start screaming Top 40 tunes. Nevertheless, many of the 150 (and counting!) CD releases by the band, have their own driving hypnotic pieces and it is nearly impossible to escape from the  race of fast driving bass notes. Tangerine Dream has continually striven to intertwine music into  feeling on a personal level as opposed to having an audience of mere observers, watching and  listening. 

When Edgar Froese founded Tangerine Dream back in autumn 1967 – a period when most of the musical world had just gotten its big wake- up call from various places around the globe – he already had had visions to discover new sounds and musical techniques. After more than 40 years, through dozens of people joining and leaving the band, Edgar is still provocative and challenging in his uniquely philosophical musical universe. As a man of few words but a wry sense of humour, he has shown that music often can reach places far beyond those found by the descriptions of words. Very few artists survived the capricious music business world for such a long time period.

For many years – and still – TD did lots of hunting scores for Hollywood movie productions, a very lucrative second career within the remarkable TD artistic diary. At a time when electronic instruments were widely misunderstood and an independent music industry was virtually non-existent, Tangerine Dream became recognized as the pioneers of a new instrumental music and introduced new sounds, sound effects and production techniques.

TD released with PHAEDRA 1974 in London the first audio document using the big MOOG modular system as the main sequencing module – this record turned into gold in over 14 countries. In the meantime this TD production is known as the cornerstone for modern contemporary electronic sounds and sequences.

Great painters, photographers, actors, architects, writers and dancers have honoured Tangerine Dream for the inspiration for their own work they‘ve drawn from listening to the music of TD. Tangerine Dream‘s reputation in the world of music, their vast experience and professionalism, their unforgettable live performances as well as their record sales give them the freedom to work independently. At the very least it is the best way to keep and develop TD‘s all time trademark: Originality which can’t be copied or raped.

The current line-up consists of head  and founder Edgar Froese (keyboards, guitar), Thorsten Quaeschning (keyboards), Linda Spa (flute,  sax, keyboards), Iris Camaa (percussion, v- drums), Bernhard Beibl (guitar) and Hoshiko Yamane  (violin). “

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