VIVALDI METAL PROJECT starts new fundraising campaign

vivaldi metal project donate


As far as the Vivaldi Metal Project is an independent project, the staff is looking for supporters
who can help in reaching the needed budget for the production (recordings, mixing, mastering, etc.)
through a fundraising campaign.

How to support? It’s easy! Through Paypal it’s possible to choose between several pledges!

(digital downoad, digipack CD, MP3 on SUB key, signed digipack, mention on the album, etc.)

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DPRP Radio -British Prog LIVE- special!





Listen to the DPRP Radio -British Prog LIVE- special! Our radio show, hosted by Andy Read, will play some beautiful songs recorded at the British Prog concert (November 23, @ ‘t Blok, Holland). Taste the atmosphere of this fantastic live show of The Gift and A Formal Horse, along with band interviews and exclusive new material!


Broadcasted on Progulus Radio February 18 at 18:00 GMT and available for streaming and download here now!



britishprog-live01 britishprog-live02

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VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR release new live album “Merlin Atmos” on Esoteric Antenna

London, UK – ESOTERIC ANTENNA announce the release of the marvellous new live album by VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, ‘Merlin Atmos’ on February 2, 2015. Recorded in 2013, the limited edition 2CD Digipack features the first ever full live performance of “FLIGHT” and “A PLAGUE OF LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS”

vdgg-merlin-atmos-med-resIn June 2013, Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans took to the road in Europe to present a series of live concerts that featured a set list that excited devotees of Van Der Graaf Generator like no other for many years. The band had decided the time was right to present their epic classic piece “A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers” in its entirety on stage for the first time, along with Peter Hammill’s equally epic “Flight”. As the centerpieces of the band’s live set, a series of wonderful concerts took place, drawing on the classic material from the band’s past, as well as their more recent albums such as “A Grounding in Numbers”.

Fortunately, some of these shows were recorded for posterity and have now been gathered together to form ‘Merlin Atmos’. Arguably the finest live album in the history of the band, ‘Merlin Atmos’ confirms Van Der Graaf Generator as a continuing musical force and explains the loyalty and respect they continue to receive from devotees the world over. ‘Merlin Atmos’ is a stunning musical statement from a stunningly innovative band.

“The most important thing to note and/or get across about ‘Merlin Atmos’ is the fact that we played both the long-form pieces ‘Flight’ and ‘A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers’. The former, of course, had been in the repertoire since the last North American Tour. The latter had only ever been played live once before, as far as we remember, back in the seventies. It was a pretty major commitment to say we’d be doing it even before we’d actually rehearsed together…. We were also, of course, doing it as a trio whereas the original recorded version was as a quartet with David Jackson. It took quite a bit of work to make it stageworthy!

“I suppose the mere fact that the record is being released proves that we were pretty satisfied with our efforts in the end!” – Peter Hamill

This strictly limited edition 2 CD digipack edition features a 70 minute CD of “Extras” recorded on the 2013 European tour including such classic tracks as “Scorched Earth”, “Man-Erg”, “Meurglys III, the Songwriter’s Guild” and “Your Time Starts Now”.

released 2nd February 2015



6. GOG



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Monday’s Teaser from MABEL GREER’S TOYSHOP

Here’s Friday’s Mabel Greer’s Toyshop album teaser….
Clive talks about the band’s launch and bringing the flavour
Of the past into the 21st Century with lots of new material.
He calls it Psychedelic fusion – and it brings in Eastern, Balken and Country
Music and throws it all into the pot…

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GAVIN HARRISON’s “Cheating the Polygraph”, brand new solo album released 13th April

Gavin Harrison, drummer with British Prog innovators Porcupine Tree, currently working with King Crimson, and a musician whose playing and performing résumé includes stints with artists as varied as Iggy Pop, Lewis Taylor, Manfred Mann and Kevin Ayers, is to release a brand new solo album, entitled Cheating The Polygraph on Kscope on Monday, April, 13th 2015 / 14th April – USA & Canada / 17th April – Germany /22nd April – Japan .

Cheating The Polygraph is an ambitious project which sees the restlessly creative Harrison re-imagine eight songs from the acclaimed Porcupine Tree repertoire, in a set of vivid and vibrant new arrangements that give full, free rein to his enquiring musical mind. Harrison explains the approach thus: “I think every album needs a focus – a master plan – and whilst I thought about writing new tunes for a big band project – I made a version of PT’s Futile (with Laurence Cottle) and it came out really well. It felt like a good plan to follow on with some of my personal favourite PT songs and see if we could make them work. I had a vision that the arrangements would never lean towards a clichéd classic big band sound but always follow a modern contemporary angle. So even if you didn’t know the original tune you could still enjoy it as a modern composition that would work with this instrumentation. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Laurence Cottle’s immense talent as a musician and arranger was mind blowing.”



What Happens Now?
Sound Of Muzak/So Called Friend
The Start Of Something Beautiful
Heart Attack In A Layby/The Creator Had A Mastertape/Surfer
The Pills I’m Taking (from Anesthetize)
Cheating The Polygraph/Mother & Child Divided



The eight tracks which comprise the album were recorded over a five-year period, with Harrison working in conjunction with a crew of some of the finest contemporary musicians, including the gifted saxophonist Nigel Hitchcock and bass player Laurence Cottle. It’s a set that will no doubt excite much controversy; Harrison use of the ‘Big Band’ musical sound stage isn’t some ersatz attempt to make a ‘Swing’ album; it’s closer in execution and arrangement to the innovative works of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, a layered, richly-textured selection that is both beautifully-recorded and incisively delivered.

No respecter of arbitrary musical pigeonholing, Harrison doesn’t so much ignore genre confines as smash right through ‘em – Harrison states in his thoughtful liner notes: “It’s very important to me to push the boundaries of music whilst respecting what came before. In the arrangements of these pieces we really get ‘out there’ with some of the harmonies and rhythms, and we vastly extended the edges of the original compositions.” Harrison also drops little musical depth bombs throughout by interpolating shards of melody and musical themes from other Porcupine Tree songs seamlessly into the musical patina of Cheating The Polygraph, which serve to underscore his frontiersman spirit; this is some of the most enthralling, engaging and challenging music you’ll hear in 2015, but there is also wit and charm in abundance here, too.

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DPRP to broadcast “British Prog”, its first LIVE event with THE GIFT and FORMAL HORSE


November 23 last year, Progfrog had a concert called ‘British Prog‘ at ‘t Blok, Holland. This turned out to be a successful duo headliner show of A Formal Horse and The Gift. Today the DPRP concert review, including two Live Impression videos and lots of great pictures, will be available here. And next week the recordings of that very show will be broadcasted on a British Prog LIVE special of the DPRP radio show, hosted by Andy Read! That radio show also holds interviews with both bands and some new, exclusive, material. So the radio show will offer you a view from the past, the now and into the future of said bands!

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DystoplanProjectIrish progressive rock band, The Dystopian Project, is set to release their debut EP entitled “Death Leaves an Echo” on April 2nd. The band previously released an official video for the song “Delirium,” which can be seen here. Drawing from a wide and eclectic range of musical influence’s and backgrounds, The Dystopian Project create music to entertain and evoke emotion with energy driven riffs, surrounded by beautiful and haunting soundscapes infused with complex intertwining vocal harmonies.

M-OpusDublin based progressive rock outfit, M-Opus, have just released their debut full-length “1975 Triptych,” and as its name suggests the album is comprised of three songs from which the second number called “Different Skies” clocks at almost 34 minutes.

In a recent interview, M-Opus’ singer and keyboardist Jonathan Casey commented: “You can expect pure melodies, vintage sounds, dynamic and electric arrangements, moments of fierceness, a real journey.”

InThePresenceOfWolvesIn The Presence Of Wolves is a progressive rock/metal band from the South Jersey / Philly area. Established in 2009 and fully realized in 2012, the 4-piece quickly became a staple in the local prog scene and has performed at such esteemed venues as the TLA, Trocadero, Kung Fu Necktie, and The Legendary Dobbs.

Musically, the band combines the composition of classic prog rock with the intensity of modern metal and the finesse of jazz. “Thalassas” is ITPOW’s debut album released this past December, and is available from Bandcamp.

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Prog Metal Band ODINS COURT To Release Eagerly Awaited Fifth Album “Turtles All The Way Down”

Baltimore, MD – USA based progressive rock and metal band Odin’s Court’s eagerly awaited 5th album Turtles All the Way Down will hit the streets on March 3, 2015. After releasing four diverse albums on ProgRock Records internationally, Odin’s Court will release their latest album independently through their own label D2C Studios.

Band leader Matt Brookins commented on the latest album: “On Turtles All the Way Down, our sound is refined with a balance of modern and classic vibes, while still retaining the signature ‘Odin’s Court’ sound. We also have the ‘missing piece’ that completes us – a new vocalist that can bring the emotion and technicality to the music that it deserves. Dimetrius LaFavors’ vocals, combined with the more mature song writing and production, have taken us to the next level.” The artwork was done by French painter J.P. Fournier.

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VON HERTZEN BROTHERS premiere video for first single “New Day Rising”

Von Hertzen
The follow-up to Nine Lives (2013), New Day Rising is the sixth studio album from Von Hertzen Brothers, Finland’s number one rock act… Hot on the heels of the announcement of their new album, the Von Hertzen Brothers present the video for the title track.

A sweeping view of the band’s home harbor, “New Day Rising” presents the Brothers braving the elements while remaining as catchy as ever.

Mixed by Juno Awards winner Randy Staub (Metallica, Alice In Chains, etc.), ‘New Day Rising’ blends the key elements of VHB’s music – atmosphere, intelligence, epic feel, progressive leanings – with an even greater focus on melody and hooks.  It’s available to preorder via iTunes or Amazon.

You can view the video alternatively here on Vevo

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New teaser from pre-YES band MABEL GREER’S TOYSHOP

Below is the Monday’s Mabel Greer’s Toyshop short introductory album teaser….
Check out this brief interview with founder members, Clive Bayley and
Bob Hagger on YouTube here:

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ProgPower Europe 2015 line-up almost complete



Recently Armed Cloud, Caligula’s Horse, EXXASENS, Obsidian Kingdom and Schizoid Lloyd were added to the ProgPower Europe line-up
coming to a total of 12 bands announced. So with only 2 more bands to confirm, the line-up for ProgPower Europe 2015 is almost completed.

The five bands announced in the past weeks:

Armed Cloud (Netherlands)
Hailing from the south of the Netherlands, Armed Cloud played a steady stream of live performances, with an album on the
way later this year, a promising Saturday’s opener for this year’s ProgPower Europe.

Caligula’s Horse (Australia)
The Tide, the Thief & River’s End, the album Caligula’s Horse released on October 4th,2013 gained a lot of attention. In fact more
than a few webzines mentioned it as one of the albums of that year. Metal Observer: “Uniquely alive and consistently inviting,
CALIGULA’S HORSE are not unlike any great ruler: adherent to the people, brilliant in delivery, tender yet domineering, and then
entirely worthy of your devotion.”

Post-rock from Spain, that’s what EXXASENS is described as. Their last album promises a band that is capable of a dynamic, melodic
live set that can take it’s listeners on a journey into outer space.

Obsidian Kingdom (Spain)
This Spanish five some creates a hard to classify type of metal, Burning Fist wrote: “An expansive mix of complex progressive
post-metal interspersed occasionally with icily precise blasting black metal, they were a hypnotic experience that was all the more
impressive in capturing the attention in that environment.”

Schizoid Lloyd (Netherlands)
One of the surprises of ProgPower Europe 2011, Schizoid Lloyd returns to the festival in 2015. In 2014 the band released
their first full length album: The Last Note In God’s Magnum Opus. An album recorded by a uniquely-minded and talented band.


ProgPower Europe sees people from over 20 different nationalities travel to Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands each year. A travel made easy
because of Baarlo’s location in between the airports of Dusseldorf, Weeze and Eindhoven, a stay made pleasant by meeting fellow visitors at
Castle The Berckt. Even though there are still 2 bands to be announced the 12 bands in the line-up so far should spark the interest of many
prog metal fans.Popular bands to deliver what they are famous for, new and lesser known bands to showcase what is up and coming In the
progressive metal scene

Tickets can be bought at:
Stay at Castle The Berckt can be booked at:

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Swiss proggers SOUP announce European tour

“Hello soupernauts. We are heading out on the road with our good friends Spidergawd in a month’s time. We will be playing our first gigs EVER in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Italy celebrating that “The Beauty of Our Youth” will be released on the European market through our good friends at Crispin Glover Records and Stickman Records. Be sure to check us out if we’re playing your hometown!”


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Prog Ensemble THEO Featuring Renowned Keyboardist Jim Alfredson Release Debut CD “The Game of Ouroboros”

THEOJim Alfredson is best known for his work with acclaimed jazz trio organissimo and is considered among the best Hammond organists working today. His newest project is a solo album known under the name THEO that originated as a rediscovery of Alfredson’s affection towards the classic era of progressive rock. Inspired by classic bands like Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and Genesis, THEO brings epic songwriting and sweeping narratives back to the forefront with contemporary sensibilities and production. The album is scheduled for release on January 27, 2015 via Big O Records (USA) and Generation Prog Records (Europe). It is available as a download, as an audio CD, and as a limited edition CD / Blu-ray set with 5.1 surround mixes.

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New gadget “FLUX” by Adrian Belew

Guitar legend Adrian Belew has just released his newest music – and it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. FLUX by belew™ is music that is never the same twice…think about that for a moment. This new revolution in music provides listeners with a mobile “listening experience” that blends music and art all in one accessible iOS application. Now you have access to hundreds of combinations of new Adrian Belew songs, snippets and sound bites that have been cut up, randomized and reassembled in a way that’s surprising and unique. The app embodies the future of technology and taps into what we love most about the Internet and social media: it’s always changing and moving forward. Developed in Amsterdam by MOBGEN and recorded by Belew himself, the musical roulette engine within FLUX by belew randomly connects sounds and beautiful visuals together using different algorithms to produce endless variations.

“I wanted to involve art and nature in the recordings – not just songs and music but also the feeling of life itself, where things are different all the time,” says Belew. He intends to keep adding to FLUX to make it truly an ever-evolving experience.

Adrian’s newest music in the FLUX by belew app is currently available for iPhones and iPads through the iTunes store for $9.99.

Find out even more details here

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CLIVE NOLAN arranges anniversary show in September

The event “The Fire and the Quest” is designed to celebrate 10 years of Clive Nolan’s Musicals, which are also rock operas and involve many prog names like Clive Nolan himself, Andy Sears, Christina Booth and others.

The event features three shows: ‘SHE’ and ‘Alchemy’ and an acoustic concert on the 5th afternoon (The songs from Clive’s various projects like Arena and others will be performed).

Click here for more info

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