TDW announces live band called “Dreamwalkers Inc” and their first gig!

Big news has arrived from the TDW camp today, as TDW main man Tom has unveiled two big chunks of news surrounding a brand new TDW live band! The band will be entitled “Dreamwalkers Inc” and it will have its live debut in September of this year!

Here’s what Tom had to say about this matter:

“Today I can officially announce that my own music under the TDW name will be taken to stages live around the world! This is something I have been working on for a while now, but now finally, I can reveal that I have found my very own live band which will help me in making my live show dreams become a reality!

So with happiness, pride and joy I can now announce to you all:

The following people form the core of Dreamwalkers Inc right now:

Tom de Wit – Vocals & Add. Synths
Lennert Kemper – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Peter den Bakker – Bass Guitars
Vincent Reuling – Synths & Bakcing Vocals
Rik Bruineman – Drums & Percussion
Hanna van Gorcum – Violins & Backing Vocals

Dreamwalkers Inc is a project based band that is formed around the music that is released under the TDW name, so basically this band can take on many different shapes and forms, depending on what the situation asks for… Chances are that we can play a big rock show with even more members on stage, or that we can make this band very small and intimate for acoustic gigs when needed. Everything is possible and that freedom is extremely exciting for me!

And finally, if this news isn’t awesome enough already… Our first performance with Dreamwalkers inc, will take place at Castle de Berckt in Baarlo on Thursday 29-09-2016. This gig will be very special as this will be a part of the Progpower EU festivities and this show will become an ambient and acoustic show showcasing TDW material and some special surprises!”

For a more detailed explanation of the band and the plans for the future, you can watch the latest episode of the TDW Vlog in which Tom tells about the band and the plans below:

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TDW releases brand-new song named “Anthem”

This workweek starts off with something as a surprise, as Progressive Symphonic Metal act TDW has released a brand new song entitled “Anthem” with a video in which the band Dreamwalker’s Inc is performing said song for the world to see. After announcing the live band Dreamwalker´s Inc last week, this new song can be considered a first taste of the new music that is coming up.

This is what Tom (TDW’s main figure) posted this morning regarding the new track:

“…Anthem is a song I wrote for the next TDW album which I felt needed to be shared with the world in advance. Anthem is a song that deals with the struggles of life and the sense of “not belonging to anything at all” at times. However, this song is meant as a way of saying “You are not alone! There’s more “weirdo’s” like you!” and has a positive message for those who want to hear it! Because we all walk together in the end!

This video started as a little idea and kinda blew up in my face as it became bigger and bigger, but I am very proud and happy to both share this new song and also to show you my wonderful bandmembers in Dreamwalkers Inc! So thanks a million to Lennert Kemper, Vincent Reuling, Peter den Bakker, Rik Bruineman and Hanna van Gorcum for being the amazing human beings they are! 😀

And also I feel blessed and happy to work with the likes of Radina Dimcheva, Jelle Terpstra, David Gutierrez Rojas, Cailyn Erlandsson & Judith van den Wijngaart who lended me their voices to bring this thing to the next level! …”

The song Anthem will be a part of the next TDW album which is slated for an early 2017 release. This year will bring more seperate TDW song releases running up to the album, so be sure to follow TDW to stay on top of new material!

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WOLVERINE Unleash Track “Machina” from New Album

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Frontiers Music Srl announce the signing of Swedish progressive metal masters SEVENTH WONDER for a multi album deal!

Originally formed in Stockholm in 2000, the band debuted in 2005 with “Become”. The second album, “Waiting in the Wings” – and first to feature Tommy Karevik on vocals – followed in 2006. Two more successful records, the concept album “Mercy Falls”, and “The Great Escape”, followed before the band went on hiatus following singer Tommy Karevik being chosen to take Roy Kahn’s place in KAMELOT.

Seventh Wonder is now ready to start again and has plans to return with a live recording and a brand new album to kick things off.

Bass player Andreas Blomqvist states: “It has been too quiet in the Seventh Wonder camp for far too long – and FINALLY that is about to change! Many years have passed since we last put out a record but, finally the band is a fully functioning unit again, ready to create some great new music. As we were getting ready to get back on track we also needed somebody to partner with. Somebody who shared our vision for the band and saw our potential and was willing to commit to the band. We have found that somebody in Frontiers! We are thrilled to be on board with such a famous label with many of our favourite bands on their roster. You, the fans, have been more patient than anyone could ever deserve. We are equally proud and humbled by that and we promise to do our best, together with our new friends at Frontiers, to make up for the years of silence by going full speed ahead. And you know what? The new album is sounding great!”

Fans first taste of new music will see the light of day in the fall, with the new album expected to be released in the first half of 2017.

Seventh Wonder are:

Bass: Andreas Blomqvist
Guitar: Johan Liefvendahl
Vocals: Tommy Karevik
Keys: Andreas Söderin
Drums: Stefan Norgren

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JORDAN RUDESS Keyfest 2016


Jordan Rudess will host a 5-day event for keyboard players in New York in July. An event to learn listen and jam with Rudess, Diego Tejeida (Haken) and Tom Brislin.

KeyFest enrollment is open to keyboardists of all levels. Participants will enjoy a fully immersive learning experience organized by Jordan Rudess. KeyFest will include master classes, learning sessions, a technology room to try the latest technology, live performances and jams, and all-inclusive meal options and lodging accommodations.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to hang out with fellow keyboardists in a relaxed environment and have the chance to share some of the skills and knowledge that I’ve gathered through the years. Our keyboard world is constantly evolving as technology keeps throwing us new possibilities. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time in a beautiful location, eating good food, playing some music, teaching and jamming with all of you!”

Rudess will be joined by special guest keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, Tom Brislin. Tom performs as a solo artist and is also known for his work with Yes, Camel and Renaissance.

Check out the Keyfest Webite for schedule and bookings!

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STEVE HACKETT to release ‘The Total Experience In Liverpool’

Ground-breaking prog guitarist Steve Hackett has announced the release of his acclaimed Acolyte To Wolflight With Genesis Revisited Tour as 2CD/2DVD deluxe package and standalone Blu-Ray and, after three London concert videos, he chose the Liverpool date for the recording. ‘The Total Experience Live In Liverpool’ will be released on 24th June.
“When Inside Out told me that I could film a gig on the British leg of the 2015 tour for release, I thought that we should do it away from London (and) I felt doing it in Liverpool had a certain ring to it” – explains Hackett enthusiastically – “This is an extraordinary city and the Philharmonic Hall is an extraordinary venue. Besides, it’s not as if Liverpool is known for having any good music – there’s never been a good band from there. Ha!”  Hackett’s love for Liverpool goes back to his time with Genesis: “We played there a few times in the ’70s, and the fans have always been very good to me there. And as a huge Beatles fan, I also know the landmarks there, such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. I have been on the Magical Mystery Tour. So, the city means a lot to me from that point of view as well. The Beatles set the benchmark for all of us who have followed; we take our imagination from them.”
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his first solo album ‘Voyage Of The Acolyte’ and following his latest ‘Wolflight’, the ‘Acolyte to Wolflight with Genesis Revisited’ tour was Steve’s effort to represent the many chapters of his career. Featuring two sets – one highlighting his solo work, the second paying tribute to Genesis – the two hour performance was greeted with enthusiasm by both fans and critics.
“It wasn’t an easy job to decide what to include, but I think there was a good balance between old and new.” – Hackett comments. “What I have always born in mind when choosing the songs is what they mean to the fans. Time has a way of turning them into an emotional calendar for    people. These songs take on an importance and become part of their lives. So, when I do them live, authenticity is important. I am aware that what I have to do is find a connection between nostalgia and what things can sound like in a contemporary setting”. Liverpool was one of the dates with Amanda Lehmann guesting on ‘Shadow Of The Hierophant’, which was performed in its full version with an extended drum solo showcasing Gary O’Toole’s skills, a triumphant closing to the first set.
A multi-camera shoot, the recording was done with no prior rehearsals, but Hackett had every confidence in the people he was working with. Paul Green, who did the filming and editing, and Ben Fenner, who mixed the audio, work with Steve regularly and knew exactly what he was looking for. “Paul was also very innovative” – Hackett reveals – “He used one particular technique to show what Gary was doing on drums, and it is an unusual effect I have never seen before. The drums seem to arc, because of the lens he’s using. It gives a very different perspective to the whole viewing experience” The acoustics in the Philharmonic Hall were very impressive on the night, albeit rather challenging; Ben, who does the live sound for the band, took that challenge with superb results. What you hear in the mix, though, is exactly what the band sounded like on the night with no extensive ‘fixing’ in the studio, as live should be.
‘The Total Experience Live In Liverpool’ will be available as double CD plus double DVD digipak, separate Blu-Ray edition as well as digital album including the two audio CDs.
CD 1
1. Corycian Fire Intro
2. Spectral Mornings
3. Out of the Body
4. Wolflight
5. Every Day
6. Love Song to a Vampire
7. The Wheel’s Turning
8. Loving Sea
9. Jacuzzi
10. Icarus Ascending
11. Star of Sirius
12. Ace of Wands
13. A Tower Struck Down
CD 2
1. Shadow of the Hierophant
2. Get ‘em Out by Friday
3. Can-Utility and the Coastliners
4. After the Ordeal
5. The Cinema Show
6. Aisle of Plenty
7. The Lame Lies Down On Broadway
8. The Musical Box
9. Clocks
10. Firth of Fifth
1. Corycian Fire Intro
2. Spectral Mornings
3. Out of the Body
4. Wolflight
5. Every Day
6. Love Song to a Vampire
7. The Wheel’s Turning
8. Loving Sea
9. Jacuzzi
10. Icarus Ascending
11.  Star of Sirius
12. Ace of Wands
13. A Tower Struck Down
14. Shadow of the Hierophant
15. Get ‘em Out by Friday
16. Can-Utility and the Coastliners
17. After the Ordeal
18. The Cinema Show
19. Aisle of Plenty
20. The Lame Lies Down On Broadway
21. The Musical Box
22. Clocks
23. Firth of Fifth
Live in Liverpool – Behind the Scenes
Somewhere South of the River – Rehearsal Documentary
Videos: Corycian Fire, Wolflight, Love Song to a Vampire
Standlane Blu-Ray includes all content on DVD 1 & 2
Line-Up (on this recording):
Steve Hackett – Guitar, Vocals
Roger King – Keyboards
Nad Sylvan – Vocals, Tambourine
Gary O’Toole – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Rob Townsend – Saxophone, Woodwind, Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass Pedals
Roine Stolt – Bass, Variax, Twelve String, Vocals, Guitar
With special guests: John Hackett, Amanda Lehmann
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FATERS WARNING Unleash Details of New Album “Theories of Flight”

U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING have announced a worldwide release date of July 1st, 2016 for their much anticipated 12th studio album via InsideOutMusic.
FATES WARNING’s new album is entitled “Theories Of Flight” and comes packaged with unique artwork created by Michigan artist Graceann Warn / 
FATES WARNING guitarist and main composer Jim Matheos comments about the title and the artwork for the “Theories Of Flight” album as follows: “The working title for the album was “The Ghosts Of Home”’ and the song with that name was first called “Home Again”. When I started searching for artwork I came across the piece that’s now the cover and it was called “Theories Of Flight”. In fact, the title you see on the cover is part of the original art, not something we added. There’s a loose theme running through a lot of the lyrics, and this developed organically and separately, where Ray and I are often writing about various uprooting, escapes….flights. So I was immediately drawn to that phrase as being a better description of what some of the songs are about.”
The tracklisting for “Theories Of Flight” reads as follows:
1. From The Rooftops
2. Seven Stars 
3. SOS
4. The Light And Shade Of Things 
5. White Flag 
6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen
7. The Ghosts Of Home
8. Theories Of Flight
A limited 2CD version of the album (and also its 2LP) will include an acoustic bonus-disc with the following tracks:
1. Firefly
2. Seven Stars
3. Another Perfect Day 
4. Pray Your Gods (Toad The Wet Sprocket cover)
5. Adela (Joaquin Rodrigo) 
6. Rain (Uriah Heep cover)
Performed by the core line-up that returned to form with 2013’s acclaimed “Darkness In A Different Light” release (Guitarist Jim Matheos, vocalist Ray Alder, bassist Joey Vera, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek), “Theories Of Flight” was produced by Jim Matheos and mixed/mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Symphony X, Haken, etc.).
In related live-news, FATES WARNING are about to perform two special 30th anniversary-shows for their classic “Awaken The Guardian” album. These live-appearances in the original album line-up (featuring John Arch on vocals) will take place at the sold-out Keep It True festival in Germany on April 29-30th and at the sold-out ProgPower USA festival on September 9-10th.
FATES WARNING Line-Up 2016: 
Ray Alder – Vocals 
Jim Matheos – Guitars 
Joey Vera – Bass 
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums
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DELAIN Announce European Tour for Fall 2016

DELAIN are a restless spirit!  Not only when it comes to releasing outstanding records, but also taking a look at their live activities: DELAIN, who have garnered high praise in the entire rock and metal scene over the last few years, have just announced a full European tour for Fall 2016!

Since the release of their highly acclaimed album ‘The Human Contradiction‘ in 2014 on Napalm Records, DELAIN have been constantly touring all over the world and shared the stages with arena acts such as NIGHTWISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION and SABATON. DELAIN ended 2015 headlining and conquering stages in sold out venues all over the world.

In between heavily touring, DELAIN found the time to release a new EP titled ‘Lunar Prelude‘ (February 2016, Napalm Records), which includes two brand new tracks, exciting live cuts, mastered by Grammy Award winning Ted Jensen, ‘Lunar Prelude‘ leaves the listener with a hunger for more, but shortens the wait for the next full length album from DELAIN which is set for release summer 2016!!!

DELAIN are going to hit the road this Fall in support of the new album for an extensive European tour! Make sure to catch the band and their energetic live shows on the following dates, presented by Metal Hammer,, Napalm Records, RTN Touring, Fortarock and Factory Music management and agency

with Special Guest EVERGREY and support KOBRA AND THE LOTUS:


14.10.2016 DE – Köln, Essigfabrik
15.10.2016 DE – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
16.10.2016 DE – Hamburg, Gruenspan
17.10.2016 DK – Copenhagen, Pumpehuset
19.10.2016 DE – Berlin, Columbia-Theater
20.10.2016 PL – Cracov, Kwadrat
21.10.2016 PL – Warsaw, Progresja
22.10.2016 CZ – Zlin, Masters of Rock Club
25.10.2016 SK – Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
27.10.2016 AT – Vienna, Szene
28.10.2016 DE – Munich, Backstage
29.10.2016 DE – Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
30.10.2016 CH – Pratteln, Z 7
31.10.2016 FR – Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
02.11.2016 ES – Madrid, Arena
03.11.2016 FR – Toulouse, Metronum
04.11.2016 FR – Paris, Elysee Montmartre
05.11.2016 FR – Lille, Le Splendid
06.11.2016 BE – Antwerp, Trix

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AYREON signs with Mascot Label Group

Press informatioon form Mascot:

“Mascot Label Group is proud to announce the signing of Ayreon, the highly acclaimed project from singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist / record producer Arjen Lucassen. The Ayreon catalog, comprising seven studio albums, will be released on various digital platforms on April 22nd.

Arjen Lucassen and Mascot Label Group CEO Ed van Zijl go back twenty years. Ed was doing business out of his one-man office when Arjen showed up on his doorstep, with Ayreon’s debut album The Final Experiment in hand. They didn’t ink a deal that day, but both parties are extremely pleased to say that as of 2016, Music Theories Recordings (part of Mascot Label Group) is Ayreon’s new home.”

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PAIN OF SALVATION to release “Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)”

Swedish progressive rock/metal innovators Pain of Salvation have announced a very special reissue version of their classic 2002 album “Remedy Lane” entitled “Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)” for July 1st, 2016 via InsideOutMusic.

With this release, Pain of Salvation re-visit their ground-breaking and genre-bending “Remedy Lane” album by teaming up with old companion and mixing engineer wizard Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Symphony X, Devin Townsend, Haken, etc.) for a new sonic take on the original recordings as well as the intense full-album live performance from ProgPower USA Festival from 2014.

Both these “Remedy Lane” recordings will be made available either together as 2CD Digipak format dubbed “Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)” with a total playing time of 142 minutes or individually as Gatefold 2LP (+ it’s corresponding album as bonus CD) or Digital Download versions, respectively called “Remedy Lane Re:mixed” (Playing time: 68 min.) and “Remedy Lane Re:lived” (Playing time: 74 min). The releases will come with revised artwork, expanded booklet design and extensive liner-notes by Daniel Gildenlöw.

Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlöw commented as follows about the re-mix project: 

“Jens Bogren, aka Fascination Street Studios, approached us a few years after the release of “Remedy Lane“, saying he was a fan of the band and kindly offered his services. He was later involved in “BE” and “Scarsick“, but always in the periphery, since we were taking new directions in our sound and production by then. His true strengths lay in that impressive wall-of-sound type production that we had been aiming for with “The Perfect Element“ and “Remedy Lane“, and I always wondered how those albums would have sounded in the care of his skillful hands. Maybe it was time to find out?“

More details about pre-order start for this release (and its various vinyl options) will be available in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, we can also bring you the great news that Pain of Salvation are currently working on a new studio album release together with acclaimed producer Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, etc.) at Dug-Out Productions in Sweden. The album will be entitled “In The Passing Light Of Day” and is expected to be released later in the year via longtime label-partner InsideOutMusic.

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RAY WILSON’s New Video “Not Long Till Springtime” released

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IMAGERY: Brazil’s Progressive Power Trio Launches “People Say” Single

The most dangerous power trio of the Brazilian progressive rock scene is back! Joceir Bertoni (vocal/guitar), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass) and Bruno Pamplona (drums/vocal), collectively known as Imagery, retook the recordings of its new studio album at Play Rec Pause Studios in Londrina/Brazil.

Still untitled, this will be the second Imagery’s album, successor of the highly acclaimed “The Inner Journey”, that was nominated as one of the “Best Brazilian Metal Albums from 2012” by Dynamite Magazine.

To give a taste of what is to come, the trio had already launched the single “Blinded Nation” and now presents a new one: “People Say”.

“This song was created from an intricate guitar riff”, says vocalist and guitarist Joceir Bertoni. “Although the tense sonority, this song is an example of the democracy that exists in Imagery, once I started to write it by myself and in the end it had a part of the lyric written and sung by Bruno Pamplona, besides the arrangements done by our former keyboardist, Henrique Loureiro”.

“People Say”, as the previous single, “Blinded Nation”, and the entire new album, has on production the signature of the respected Julio Anizelli (Mamaquilla, Terra Celta), with whom the group worked on the debut album.

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Progpower Europe Add SMALLMAN to the Line-up of 2016

The organisation of Progpower Europe have just confirmed the signing of Bulgarian post prog metal band Smallman.

Smallman is a Bulgarian band creating dark, experimental, ambient metal, influenced by the “Balkans” folklore. The bands identity comes from the Bulgarian native instruments -“gaida” and “kaval”. They bring a hypnotic atmosphere to balance the deep vocals, aggressive guitar riffs and bass lines, and outlined rhythms.


The band is formed in 2001 in the foot of the “Rhodope” mountain (area between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey) which is one of the main inspirations for their work. Smallman held the same members for the past 11 years, without making a single change. With 3 self-released albums, the band stands as one of the most influential underground bands in Bulgaria. Smallman participated in major Balkan events including “Spirit of Burgas”, Bulgaria and “Best’Fest” in Romania. It toured Eastern-Europe in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 when they visited Serbia, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

In early 2016, the band released music for a dark short animated film – “The Blood” – by the Bulgarian director Velislava Gospodinova. Its strong appeal to society against terror, war and violence won several awards from international film festivals.


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WITHEM Unleash First Track “Arrhythmia” from New Album

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PROG Presents new Song from THE JELLY JAM

The Jelly Jam have revealed the song Stain on the Sun from their new album Profit exclusively on PROG magazine’s web site.

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